Aug 12

Types to save the consumption of water in the home

WATER vanishes!

It’s time to raise awareness, Mexico is among the countries with lower water availability worldwide so this is considered a valuable natural resource. Excite many activities where humans use this resource and one of them is what allows you to stay alive when ingested. It is extremely important to raise awareness of this need and responsibility in the management of this resource that some researchers rightly call it the “blue gold”. In this post I want to share with you some tips to reduce water consumption and expenditure in one of the places where we promote the culture of care to our family and future generations, our home.
1) Leaking water. Leaks are carefully because they often result in a house spending over 500 l per day and noiselessly. Invisible leaks and other that can be observed without any problem and is usually given by the constant dripping faucets, furniture and boards of bathroom and kitchen fittings either by their prolonged use or improper installation. Do the following exercise to make sure there are no leaks:

a) Leakage invisible. In the course of the test does not consume any water inside and outside making the house as lavatory faucets, sinks, garden, pools, etc..

Disconnect all devices use automatic appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, pool filters, etc..

Take an initial reading water meter observing the position of the arrows, you read the following to close the outlets and disconnect devices. Wait approximately 10 to 15 min. And look closely at the meter, any movement is an indicator that doeth leak somewhere in the house facilities. The meter usually has a flow indicator does get movement once water passes through the meter and that indicates a leak. You can also observe leakage through hand movement registration secondary hand resembles a common clock.

b) leakage visible. If you have identified where the leak is, depending on how delicate that results will require hiring the professional services of a plumber or otherwise you can do it yourself by following these recommendations:

If the leak is in the toilet, do not panic leakage is easier to solve. Usually current plug lets out the water tank to have more than 1 year have been installed. To check for leaks, pour the water storage tank a little food coloring (cake, drinks etc..) And waiting for 10-15 minutes, if you notice that the toilet bowl is colored, it indicates that there is a leak . It is very easy to make the change from a current cap of the tank, you can get it at any hardware at an affordable price. Repair toilets, leaky faucets or shower or change them by mixing systems. You’ll save an average of 170 liters of water a month. Continue reading