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How to Clean and Maintain the Solid Wood Flooring & Wood Parquet

How to Clean and Maintain the Solid Wood Flooring & Wood Parquet

Using a wooden floor does give the impression of cool, natural, and beautiful. But, know that cleaning the wooden floor is certainly a different way with granite or tile floors. Wood floor care a little more difficult than the floor in general. A little wrong treatment, the wood floors so easily porous, dull and damaged.

Wood flooring is easily moist and easier to absorb water so that dust and dirt more difficult to clean. The things that cause wood floors damaged include the weather, the activities undertaken, clean and care for the wrong floor, etc.

Although the parquet only serves as a coating, the treatment should also be intensified as real wood floors. The required accuracy and precise handling in cleaning wood floors to keep them clean and durable, including mengantispiasinya from pest attacks.

There are two different ways to clean the solid wood flooring with parquet wood flooring. Therefore, make sure you know for sure, is made of what floor your apartment.

Here is how to clean wood floors is true:

Sweep regularly
Because it is easier to absorb water and dirt, be sure to sweep the parquet floor regularly to keep dust and dirt does not stick for too long and eventually accumulate on your wood floor. Use a broom with soft bristles or use a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner)

mop the floor
After sweeping the floor, continue with a mop. Previously, make sure the wood does its own layer or not. This layer can be a layer of varnish or wax.
If the wood floor has a water repellent coating, mix the wood floor cleaner with warm water. Choose a cleanser that has a good quality. Enter your mop up the remaining water and wring it out just a little. Mop the floor with a circular motion, then dry with a clean cloth.

If you do not have a waterproof coating, wood floor cleaner mix with a little water and apply on the wood floor. After that, dry until completely dry so that the floor is not quickly broken.
Choosing the mop with the correct material
To maintain the durability of wood flooring, select a mop that uses cotton with good quality. When mopping, wring the mop firmly, do not get too wet cloth.

Mops twice
After using a damp mop or slightly damp, use a mop with a clean dry cloth. Choose a mop of cotton has good quality. When swab, squeeze firmly your mop, do not get too wet mop. Mops should be done twice, the first in a mop with a damp cloth or a slightly damp, and the second using a mop with a clean dry cloth.
Meanwhile, how to clean and care for the correct parquet wood flooring are:

Broom or use a vacuum cleaner
Parquet wood flooring only need to be cleaned with a soft bristle broom or vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) because of mop water can get into the layers of plywood, then make the wood so quickly obsolete.
Do not wash the floor parquet
Water can increase the humidity of parquet, causing a pressure difference drastically. This causes loose joints parquet floor so that it reads when trodden on.
If there are bits of food that fell to the hardwood floor, immediately remove with a dry cloth.
Use the special cleaning fluids with quality hardwood parquet to clean the floors were dirty and stained.
Use the rubber coating on the furniture
In order not to cause scratches or defects on the surface of the parquet floor, be careful in moving furniture or goods. Use a rubber layer under your furniture, large furniture. Avoid moving the furniture by encouraging because it could damage the layer parquet.
Use rugs to cover the parquet floor
Especially for the room most often skipped. Choose a rug with non-skid coating that is not easily displaced and cause scratches and do not make people slip on slippery.
Footwear Do not use sharp or hard in the house
If the parquet floors made of solid wood is used, no additional treatment is needed, namely the process of waxing or polishing reset every month using materials polishing wood (teak oil, pledge) and perform coating birthday once every two years
To make more shiny or clean the old stains, use lemon juice or white vinegar is allowed to stand for four minutes on the parquet floor. After that, wipe with a clean cloth.
Select the anti-termite wood parquet
To avoid moisture, use a layer or anti-termite chemicals. You do this by injecting the piece of wood. Or if you just want memebeli, select the type of parquet which had been injected with a liquid anti-termite.
To maintain the parquet color, often swap the location of furniture
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