Macro Region Center Governments executed the 78.3% of infrastructure investment

It is compared with the amount in 2011, an increase of 28.4%.

The budget allocated to the regional Governments of the Macro Region Center in 2012 for investment in public infrastructure amounted to 2,181.84 million soles, of which 1,707.41 million, 78.3 per cent of the total were executed, reported today the National Chamber of trade, production and services (Perucámaras).

If you compare the amount executed in relation to the 2011, is an increase of 28.4 percent, according to information from the Ministry of economy and finance (MEF) analyzed by the center of business research (CIE) of Perucámaras.

Last year all the regional Governments of the Central Region Macro recorded positive real variations, even six of them had real growths above average (78.3 per cent).

Such is the case of the regional Government of Ayacucho with an amount of execution of 159.27 million soles, and a real positive variation of 125.9 percent. This region had a contribution to the growth of the Macro Region Center of 6.7 percentage points.

Followed by the Junín regional government with a performance of 193.24 million soles, amount which meant an increase of 66.9 per cent from 2011. This region contributed to the growth with 5.8 percentage points.

For his part, executed in Huanuco amount added 267.37 million soles in 2012, i.e. 58.6 per cent more than in the previous year. Huanuco contributed with 7.4 percentage points.

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