This is the winner of Electrolux Design Lab 2012

A mixer capable of churning out its own without the need to hold. Not only that, the function was a tasting spoon that can tell us what materials can enhance the flavor of dishes. That’s the cooking and household appliances Aeroball which is the winner of the Electrolux Design Lab 10 at the Triennale Design Museum, Milan.

Products January Ankiersztajn creation of Poland’s brought the concept of the collection of luminous bubbles that float and can filter the air and give fragrance to a room. The bubble floats with helium and float when dropped to the ground will change.

According to Thomas Johansson, Head of the Jury and Director Electrolux Design, in designing a product should consider the five senses. “Aeroball has an innovative concept with a unique use of space while improving the environment around us. It also changed our perception of air cleaners, in addition assessed in terms of aesthetics, Aeroball assessed as a product of being able to understand the emotional needs of consumers, “he said in a written statement received.

Meanwhile, the second winner of the competition held since 2003 was won by Ben de la Roche of New Zealand. Product he had designed called Impress, who brought the concept of wall air that allows us to put storage containers and bottles directly on the wall. Thus preventing any leftovers that are sometimes forgotten when stored at normal refrigerator. Impress uses thermo-acoustic technology and argon and helium gas that is safe for the ozone and is not harmful to the environment.

And the third winner achieved Christopher Holm-Hansen of Denmark with Tastee. Its design concept is an indicator of flavor, in the form of a spoon, which utilizes the sense of taste receptors by human to tell what material we need to enhance the flavor of food. Tastee is a tool that offers a sense for your taste, like a professional chef.

“The competition has created innovative products in the design, research and development, and Design Lab is one way to explore new ideas are emerging. In addition, the Design Lab competition is also a good opportunity for us to meet with candidates talented designers in the future, “added Stefano Marzano, Chief Design Officer of Electrolux.

Electrolux Design Lab is expected to seek and create inspiration from professionals such as chefs, architects, interior designers and hotel designers in designing the future of home appliances that provide a whole sensory experience. “We hope it can be a motivation for other students to design Indonesia continues to hone the creativity and innovation in the next Lab Design.” Close Hendy Setiawan, Marketing Manager of PT Electrolux Indonesia.

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